“Stuff You Should Know” and The Moth

For a daily dose of random intel check out the “Stuff you should know Podcast.”

While I’ve found a few gems at the “Brain Stuff” and “Stuff you missed in history class” podcasts, “Stuff you should know” has been the most consistently entertaining and educational. Of course you need to choose a podcast that interests you from the many topics such as braille, bounty hunters, witch hunts, China’s one child policy, hells angels, food cravings, etc. You can also check out full articles online at How stuff Works.

When you are not looking to be educated, but rather entertained by an AWESOME bar story, check out The Moth podcast. The Moth’s novelty lies in the fact that they have people tell their cool stories LIVE to an audience WITHOUT notes. So it’s very free-form and feels natural, thus more believable. Now, not everyone’s story may get you going, but the value of seeing how crazy other people’s lives are is worth it anyway. Making moder-day griots out of everday people is both endearing and entertaining.

Both Podcasts are available for free on iTunes. Enjoy!