Song of the Day


Your Music looks like Sh*t!

Met a guy today whose brother invented Tuneup for Itunes. It’s a program that takes your music that is mislabeled and “cleans” it, meaning that they change the song titles, album names, etc. to the correct ones. I tried the free demo for 100 songs and was psyched to finally know that the bluegrass modest mouse band name is The Iron Horse. You can buy a subscription to clean your entire library for $20 or so.

Birthday Number 1′s

Of course mine could have only been…


Simple website for finding new music.

After you click an emotion it it creates a playlist for you. Like an electronic John Cusack, but not as annoying.

“Where Funk is the universal language…”

If you cannot get enough funk in your life, check out my boy Marc Amigone’s podcast.

He knows his stuff, and used to work for S.O.B’s in NYC, a great venue for music and dancing.

Music in Nature

Now I just want Andrew Bird to whistle this…

Band of Horses

Check out the way BOH is previewing their newest album. Check it out for free here. An o.k album, but I really like the model.