Painting Video

I know a few cities that could use this…


Bullets and Hammocks

Music in Nature

Now I just want Andrew Bird to whistle this…

Khate: Voices of Street Children of Nepal

Check out this documentary on Nepalese street children. In interviewing students, NGO’s , but most importantly the children themselves, this short film helps explain the complexities surrounding this issue. Nice job Yuki!!

Three Documentaries Worth Watching

After seeing umpteen million different movies about the “green movement” , I find myself looking for specific information about issues, not the broad sweeping messages of “An Inconvenient Truth.” I don’t want to discredit what Al Gore’s Opus did for the American public, or what Yann Arturd-Bertrand’s “HOME” did for French Politics, or what BBC Earth did for every drug user in the world.  I just appreciate when as a viewer I am treated as a competent being, and not a one-dimensional naive consumer. Three movies that appear to do that are.

Water  – If the comodificaiton of our greatest natural resource gets you riled, and it should, check out these two documentaries…

Tapped View Trailer Here

Flow – View Trailer Here

Natural Gas Fracing- A lesser known evil, but relevant to anyone who currently enjoys their clean NYC tap water

Gasland –  View Trailer Here .

I really enjoyed Democracy Now’s coverage of this issue and their interview w/ the director afterwards. If you don’t have time for the movie check out DN’s 20 minute segment on it.  ALSO if you really don’t have time for either check out this crazy little segment of the movie, where a guy can light his tap water on fire!!!!

Let me know what you guys think of them! I’ve seen Flow but Gasland and Tapped are next on my list.