Green roofs gaining steam

Finally green roofing is starting to take off and REcover Green Roofs LLC is leading the charge.

Here is a video below about them.

…And some Press

Thanks to Ian for this heads up.


Scratching my High Brow itch…

Visiting is like enjoying a well-made cocktail in an adirondack chair on a lake while conversing about the genealogy of modernity, while listening to Chet Baker, while ironically winking at your friend’s wife, while tasting goat cheese wrapped in bacon, all the while contemplating your next move in backgammon.

That is why I love seeing what E Forbes is going to toss my way. Get in the know here.

Self Inflating Tire

This looks legit, how come I haven’t seen it out on the market yet?

City Logos

This is a fantastic idea. A logo for every city on the planet. Check out the full collection here. The website is open for submissions. Someone please step up and design one for Brooklyn!


Two reasons to listen to students…

While “stumbling” around the internet I found this article about a Teenager who isolated the types of bacteria that break down plastics…

It reminded me of an article I read three years ago…

Color and Social Media

This Flickr- search picture by color thing is legit.

If 1/10 of what this video says is true I am frightened. Social Media is taking over the world, wayyyy too fast.