Political Cartoons

If you don’t want to buy the New Yorker to get your political cartoons, check out, .


What this guy does in his spare time…

Pedestrian Lane for Tourists in New York.

Pedestrian Lane for Tourists in New York..

Owen, this is for you.

Funniest Movie I’ve ever Seen

There is a clearer version at but I couldn’t embed it.

Two Websites you probably know already

Taking a Second Look at old Cartoons

I’m always telling people that I think Disney movies reinforce antiquated gender roles, prejudices, and stereotypes. Here’s a site that takes a look at the “10 Most Controversial Cartoon Characters”.

Branding Irony

What’s cooler than a 3 wolf t-shirt? A t-shirt that makes fun of it. Or at least that is the idea behind Headline Shirts. So just to re-cap: A cheesy wolf t-shirt was made to sell at gas stations. Then it became a cool vintage/hipster uniform. Now there is a t-shirt that makes you look cool for making fun of the hipster uniform. Pretty funny, but not exactly a steal at $19.