New Music (to me at least)

I suggest you “Grooveshark” each of the following songs/albums.

Band                                      Song                                   Album

1. Broken Bells                          October Broken Bells

2. Air France                           No Excuses No Way Down

3. Amadou and Mariam           Sabali Welcome to Mali

4. Cee Lo Green       No one’s gonna love you

5. Discovery                        Orange Shirt Discovery

6. Faded Paper Figures          Polaroid Solution

7. Ice Cream Shout             Tattooed Tears

8.  Kennedy                               Karate

9. Kleerup                      Until We Bleed

10. Phoenix                 Love like a Sunset All Albums*

11. The XX                         Islands The XX

12. Two Door Cinema Club       Something Good Can Work

13. Washed Out             Feel it all around

14. Bon Iver                    Creature Fear

15. Delorean                    Stay Close

The Next Two are for Alex and Dan Mac…for different reasons

16. Brotherhood of Broken Hearts –  Together Lonely (DCUP MIX)

17. Friendly Fires         –            Paris (Aeroplane Remix)



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