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One Day on Earth



One more reason SPAM sucks

Green Concrete

No matter what people will say about the data supporting this concrete’s eco-friendly nature, it’s still better than the regular slurry.

Great Invention

Finding News

I don’t know where most of you get your news, but for me it’s a combination of BBC World, NY Times, Democracy Now, Huff Post (for fun), and around 6 different blogs/indy media. Recently I added a few news sites from countries I’m particularly interested (i.e Kenya, Thailand, etc. ). The Standard, a newspaper out of Nairobi just ran an article about overpaid MP’s, which sent me looking for more intel, where I found this video. The long of the short of it is that some of the highest paid MP’s in the world wanted to get paid more money. A bit shocking. They didn’t get it, but just another reason for citizens to get angry  in the midst of  Kenya’s draft constitution mayhem.

If you are looking for more places to get your news, check out citizen journalism project, where you can find their well-categorized links page.

Photo Collection worth seeing