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Political Cartoons

If you don’t want to buy the New Yorker to get your political cartoons, check out, .


Song of the Day

Your Music looks like Sh*t!

Met a guy today whose brother invented Tuneup for Itunes. It’s a program that takes your music that is mislabeled and “cleans” it, meaning that they change the song titles, album names, etc. to the correct ones. I tried the free demo for 100 songs and was psyched to finally know that the bluegrass modest mouse band name is The Iron Horse. You can buy a subscription to clean your entire library for $20 or so.

What this guy does in his spare time…

Self Inflating Tire

This looks legit, how come I haven’t seen it out on the market yet?

Birthday Number 1′s

Of course mine could have only been…

Pedestrian Lane for Tourists in New York.

Pedestrian Lane for Tourists in New York..

Owen, this is for you.