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3 Sites for Funny Pictures/Lists

1. Kill My Day Now

2. Balls vs. Faces list @ Zootpatrol.

3. Listverse

List of the name of random stuff…


A year from being big…

Gene Wang has outdone himself. He has created a device that can monitor your appliances.

“What that means is that you could monitor your microwave, Playstation and coffee machine in real time, check their levels of energy consumption, and make apps to control how they behave. Ultimately, that could lead to substantial savings of energy and money.”

This isn’t a “take out of the box and turn the switch on” sort of device. So 99% of the population (including myself) can’t really do much w/ it yet. But my prediction is give it a year , maybe less, and there will be an “easy to use” way of  creating software to control and monitor your appliances and machines.

YouTube taking over

Infographic…love them.


Cool article that highlights how to play classic video games like Donkey Kong online.

Band of Horses

Check out the way BOH is previewing their newest album. Check it out for free here. An o.k album, but I really like the model.

Two Websites you probably know already

Taking a Second Look at old Cartoons

I’m always telling people that I think Disney movies reinforce antiquated gender roles, prejudices, and stereotypes. Here’s a site that takes a look at the “10 Most Controversial Cartoon Characters”.