WikiLeaks has been around for a while, but their recent leak of video footage documenting the killing of civilians and journalists by U.S soldiers in Iraq has helped prove to the world that they can protect their sources.

The journalists that were killed in this footage worked for Reuters, and consequently Reuters has been petitioning to see this footage for the past 3 years. Some inside U.S military sources clearly felt that this needed to be seen sooner than the red-tape of the U.S government would allow and sent it Wikileaks. While not all leaks are this “sensitive”, Wikileaks claims to have published over 1.2 million documents in three years towards the aim of  ‘ safely getting the truth out.’

From exposing insider trading at J.P Morgan, banned websites in Switzerland and Australia, bank takeovers in the U.K, to corruption in the Kenyan government, wikileaks claims that it has had its fair share of mini-watergates.


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