Solution to Flying Toilets

To those who have not been to the slums of Nairobi, there is an unfortunate practice (among many) that consists of going the bathroom in a bag, then tying it up and throwing it in the air at night so that it becomes someone else’s problem, otherwise known as a flying toilet.

While public toilets have been put in some places, they have too often become places for drugs, rape, etc. This new product with the unfortunate name PeePoo, is looking to solve not just the issue of flying toilets, but of disease spread by improper sewage disposal around the world. The bag is a self-sanitizing, bio-degradable bag that after-used can be buried and used as fertilizer for your crops. Check out the site here. While this is a “band-aid” solution that doesn’t target the root cause of those living in the slums, it will hopefully help improve the hygiene of some of the most crowded slums in the world.


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