Re-thinking CO2 Emissions

While reports of dangerous CO2 levels has fueled the race for better hybrid and electric cars, there are MANY other sectors that could use an eco-friendly “re-think”, including……drywall.  According to this pie chart (which I found as part of a “TED” talk video), building related emissions accounts for 52% of global CO2 emissions compared to passenger cars at 9%.

While those stats may or may not be true, Eco Rock is freaking awesome. With it’s Cradle-to-Cradle Gold achievement, and Popular Science’s product of the year, it may be the most hype-able thing I’ve found.  Too bad I’m not a builder. Check out their site here .

GrnFoot_tnEcoRock uses 80% less energy to produce than gypsum drywall
Naturally cured and dried, EcoRock eliminates the energy-intensive, high-C02 generating calcining and oven-drying found in gypsum drywall production.

EcoRock is made of 80% recycled materials
EcoRock is made using 80% post-industrial recycled waste, including waste from steel and cement plants—with no gypsum.

EcoRock is designed to be fully reutilized at end of life
EcoRock can be used as a pH additive for soils and can be returned to the production of EcoRock and other building materials as a valuable raw material. Unlike gypsum, EcoRock may be safely disposed of in landfills if necessary.

EcoRock is the most mold-resistant and lowest emitting drywall
EcoRock outperforms all other mold resistant drywall by 50%. EcoRock scores the highest ASTM D3273 rating of 10 out of 10, showing zero mold growth over a six week period, (other published tests go only four weeks). No harsh anti-fungal chemicals are used on its surface or within its core.


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