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Have a software startup you want to Hype?

Check out the Spark of Genius Series at

” Each week day we will cover a promising new startup, as part of a series we’re calling Spark of Genius. Sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark, each post showcases a promising new software company, and finds the unique feature that separates it from the competition.”

Just looking out for the little guy…



Check it out. It’s a website that lets you compare what CNN is covering to other News sites.

Best Shots of Eyjafjallajokull

Check out’s collection of crazy volcano shots.

5 Songs I’m Listening to on Repeat

  1. Florence & The Machine – Dog Days Are Over
  2. The Morning Benders– Excuses
  3. Washed Out– Belong
  4. The Books – Beautiful People
  5. Delorean – Stay Close

Listen to them for free here at my Hype Machine list.

3 Tea/Coffee companies I can vouch for

1. T.J’s tea is incredibly pure black Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka that tastes really freaking good.  My friend T.J started the company with the aim of  providing both tea drinkers with the best possible cup of tea and children in Sri Lanka with a better education. Check out T.J’s most recent video below, documenting the progress of the beneficiary school in Sri Lanka.

2. Crop to Cup Coffee is ridiculously good tasting coffee. Having worked for them I can vouch that they are not only a model of transparency, but a great example of how to directly help small farmers. Check out their links page, where you can get well-acquainted with the people who grew their coffee. Love  the E. Africa focus.

3. Ajiri Tea, started by a SLU Kenya semester-mate of mine, is baddass in how socially conscious it is. I’ll just let them explain from their website…

“Ajiri Tea was started with the social mission of creating employment for the people of western Kenya and of educating the local orphans. Through the sale of Ajiri Tea, we hope to create a sustainable cycle of community employment and education. Ajiri means “to employ” in Swahili, the national language of Kenya. “

Check out their video here..

Top Songs of April

These are some songs I’ve really enjoyed this April. Some old, some new and in no particular order. Hope you guys like some of them.

  1. Wolf Gang Back to Back
  2. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home
  3. The Tallest Man on EarthIt will follow the rain
  4. JJC.E.O- Birthday
  5. Nina SimoneFunkier than a Mosquito’s Tweeter
  6. Imogen HeapWait it Out (Royal Sapien Remix)
  7. Blue ScholarsBack Home (FYI one of the guys here looks like Marc Amigone and just kinda hangs out in the back of the shot the whole time, love it)
  8. Arthur & YuAfterglow
  9. She and Him In the Sun
  10. Bon IverCome Talk to Me
  11. Head Like a Kite – No Ordinary Caveman
  12. Grand ArchivesMiniature Birds
  13. Plan BDouble Crossing Rat
  14. YeasayerMadder Red
  15. Sean HayesStella Seed
  16. The BooksTokyo

5 Places to find new music